The mission of the Howard County Bird Club is to promote the knowledge, development, protection, and conservation of bird life and other naturally occurring species and their habitats.

Howard County Bird Club

A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS)

Common Yellowthroat by R. Orr
Lesser Scaup by A. Allor
Long-tailed Skipper by L. Hunt
Redheads by B. Ott
Song Sparrows by B. Ott
Checkered White by J.B. Churchill
Hooded Merganser by A. VanSchoor
Eastern Red-backed Salamander by R. Orr
Spotted Spreadwing by B. Ott
Indigo Bunting by H. Patterson
Hackberry Emperor by K. LItzinger
Gymnopus liquiritae by R. Orr
Red-tailed Hawk by R. Orr
White M Hairstreak by B. Hill
Late Fall Oyster by R. Solem

Photo Galleries

Sometime in 2006, a group of us were sitting around and came up with the idea of a page on the Howard County Bird Club (HCBC) web site featuring pictures of birds seen and photographed in Howard County. We knew digital cameras were becoming popular among our members and that some probably had good bird photos taken in the county So we sent out an email to the club members (or at least to those we knew were active bird photographers) asking them to go through their photos and attach photos (with identifying information: date, location, and photographer) to an email and mail it to the webmaster.

The response was outstanding and led to the creation of the Birds Photo Gallery and the inspiration for all of the rest of the galleries. Click on the tabs below for the story behind each and for a link to the gallery.

The galleries are not static, so if you are a member and have photos taken in Howard County that you want considered for inclusion, attach them to an email to "" and send them in.

Amphibians & Reptiles (Herps)
Dragonflies &: Damselflies (Odonates)
Lichens & Mosses