Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

With Powerpoint: see below.

Yellow-belliedSapsucker3 (128K)
Thornbrook (Ellicott City) December 22, 2008
Photo by Jeff Culler

Yellow-belliedSapsucker9 (88K)
Ellicott City April 5, 2014
Photo by Kurt Schwarz

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker1
Wynfield (West Friendship) November 2, 2003
Photo by Ralph Cullison

Yellow-belliedSapsucker6 (103K)
Lake Elkhorn March 29, 2012
Photo by Hary Fink

Rockburn Branch Park December 18, 2014
Photo by Bonnie Ott

Yellow-belliedSapsucker8 (90K)
Mount Pleasant December 11, 2012
Photo by Howard Patterson

Special added attraction: Watch The Hole Story

Jeff Culler put together a Powerpoint presentation about a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker active in his neighborhood.