Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Meadowbrook Park July 29, 2014
Photo by Bonnie Ott

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Lake Elkhorn
September 5, 2017
Photo by Kevin Heffernan

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Lake Elkhorn June 30, 2007
Photo by June Tveekrem

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Yellow-crownedNight-Heron8 (155K)
Lake Elkhorn March 28, 2012
Photo by Harry Fink

Practice, practice, practice...

Wilde Lake June 5, 2011 Photos by Richard Orr
Tasty little morsel... *
Yellow-crownedNight-Heron5 (58K)

Yellow-crownedNight-Heron6 (60K)

Well, I wasn't hungry anyway...
Yellow-crownedNight-Heron7 (53K)

* Red-eared Slider

Note that its legs are yellow. If it were ready to breed, its legs would be pink.

Yellow-crownedNight-Heron9 (112K)
Lake Elkhorn March 27, 2014
Photo by Joe Hanfman

Meadowbrook Park
Oct 3, 2014
Photo by Bonnie Ott