Red-necked Grebe


On Thursday, February 6, Matt Lopez and John Wade rescued a Red-necked Grebe that had fallen from the roof of the Sears Logistics Building at Gateway Business Center in Columbia where they are employed. On Friday, they contacted Judy Holzman of All Creatures Great and Small. Eva and Augie Sunell volunteered to pick up the bird and transport it. Judy did not find major injuries; this was verified by Dr. Williams, the veterinarian who examined it. Other than very small scrapes on the bottom of the feet, all the bird needed was water and food. The grebe adapted quickly to life in Judy's bathtub while being rehydrated and fed a fish diet. It vocalized periodically (watch short [43MB] video or long [256MB] video). By Sunday, it was ready to be released. Grebes need a long stretch of open water on which to run in order to become airborne. During this cold winter, it was a challenge to find open water at a shoreline. On Monday, February 10, Judy contacted a ranger at Sandy Point State Park; that day a healthy grebe was returned to the wild. The Howard County Bird Club donates a portion of seed sale proceeds annually to support Judy's work at All Creatures Great and Small Wildlife Center.


Red-neckedGrebe5 Red-neckedGrebe6


The above four photos were taken on February 6, 2014, at the Sears Logistics Building in Gateway Business Center in Columbia. The top and right photos were take by Matt Lopez; the next two by Jo Solem.

Red-neckedGrebe7 Red-neckedGrebe8 Red-neckedGrebe9

The above three photos show Judy Holzman releasing the bird on February 10 at Sandy Point State Park.

Centennial Park
February 18, 2014
Photo by Bonnie Ott

Red-necked Grebe2
Centennial Park
April 1, 2005
Photo by June Tveekrem

Red-necked Grebe1
Lake Elkhorn
March 22, 2003
Photo by Ralph Cullison

Centennial Park
February 17, 2014
Photo by Kurt Schwarz