Red Crossbills

Red Crossbills are supposed to be shy but these at MPEA were anything but!

RedCrossbill9 (606K)

RedCrossbill7 (95K)

RedCrossbill8 (96K)

RedCrossbill10 (79K)

RedCrossbill11 (69K)

Above photos at MPEA February 10, 2013 by Matt Rogosky; the ones on ground were within 3'.

Crestlawn Cemetary Nov 30 (and continuing!)

RedCrossbill-1 (85K)
Photo by David Cummings

RedCrossbill-2 (83K)
Photo by David Cummings

RedCrossbill-3 (50K)
Photo by Allen Lewis

RedCrossbill4 (68K)
Photo by Allen Lewis

BUT Red Crossbills are unusual — you need a sound recording
The photo on the left was talen under foggy and poor light contitions
BUT the sonograph on the right verified it was a Type 3!

RedCrossbill5 (59K)
Photo by Victoria Fisher

RedCrossbill-6 (67K)
Sonograph by Jared Fisher