Bald Eagle

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BaldEagle5 (53K)
Immature at Brighton Dam
March 5, 2011
Photo by Kurt Shwarz

Wilde Lake
January 8, 2016
Kevin Heffernan

BaldEagle11 (72K)
Brighton Dam
January 24, 2012
Photo by Howard Patterson

Immature (pursued) at Brighton Dam
November 23, 2013
Photo by Mike Kerwin

Wilde Lake
March 15, 2015
Photo by Rod Quinio

Howard County
May 18, 2014
Photo by Kevin Heffernan


BaldEagle7 (178K)
Triadelphia Reservoir
Photo by Helen Metzman *
January 29, 2012)


BaldEagle8 (225K)
Triadelphia Reservoir
Photo by Helen Metzman *
April 15, 2012


BaldEagle9 (162K)
Triadelphia Reservoir
Photo by Helen Metzman *
May 1, 2012

Bald Eagle
Wilde Lake
Photo by Richard Orr
Immature December 14, 2017

Watch Bald Eagle Courtship

Geraldine King filmed this pair of Bald Eagles in January 2008! The film clip was taken from Brighton Dam (Triadelphia Reservoir).

Immature Bald Eagle with very white breast

Video by Kurt Schwarz at Big Branch (Triadelphia Reservoir on March 13, 2012

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