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Photo Gallery

Featuring birds seen in Howard County
Current list in AOS58 order.

1. Goose – Hummingbird


2. Rail – Tern


3. Loon – Woodpecker


4. Kestrel – Pipit


5. Evening Grosbeak – Common Grackle


6. Ovenbird – Dickcissel


The fine print:

With the advent of digital photography, new opportunities to show off bird pictures are available to bird watchers with cameras.

Howard County Bird Club's Photo Page is provided so that birders have a visual reference for species recorded in Howard County. It is also a medium for photographers in the Howard County Bird Club to display their work. Pictures are selected to be representative of birds of Howard County, show field marks that help with identification, and are esthetically pleasing. The pictures may show habitat, action, or groups of birds. Photographers represented have given the Howard County Bird Club permission to display the photographs on the web page, but the photographers retain all rights (including copyright) of the images themselves. Contact the photographer about reproduction rights.

Where possible, photographs taken in Howard County are used. All photographs must be sponsored by a Howard County Bird Club member.

The photo page is dynamic, and images displayed will change over time, but there is no requirement to change the display after a set time period. Additional pictures of a species may be added (or substituted) if they show something different.

If you have photos you want considered for inclusion, email the webmaster with information about the photos and about you. Photographs with a minimum of intervention (except cropping) through use of electronic photo processing are preferred. The webmaster may edit what is submitted for consistency of image quality among the photographs displayed.

It comes down to this: If you have digital photographs you want considered, send them in. We can't display the photographs we have never seen!

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