Umber Shadowdragon

Place name abbreviations: MPEA - Middle Patuxent Environment Area; PRSP - Patuxent River State Park; PVSP - Patapsco River Valley State Park; WMA - Wildlife Management Area.

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Species common name
Scientific name
Length (in inches; M and F if different) Flight season
Relative abundance

Umber Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia obsoleta
1.7-1.9" E-Jun — L-Jul
Habitat: Appears on rivers at dusk but before sunset, continues flying into darkness. Flight fast, low over water investigates edge nooks. More common over swift water. Freshly emerged in herbacious vegetation.
Unber Shadowdragon

May 28, 2015
Bonnie Ott

Unber Shadowdragon

June 1, 2013
Old Frederick Road
Richard Orr