Turquoise Bluet

Place name abbreviations: MPEA - Middle Patuxent Environment Area; PRSP - Patuxent River State Park; PVSP - Patapsco River Valley State Park; WMA - Wildlife Management Area.

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Species common name
Scientific name
Length (in inches; M and F if different) Flight season
Relative abundance

Turquoise Bluet
Enallagma divigans
M: 1.1-1.3" F: 1.2-1.4" 15 Jun — 8 Jul
Habitat: Streams, sloughs, lakes. Perches in sun or shade on foliage. Prefers running water, hovers frequently.
Turquise Bluet (F)

Male (left) and Female
June 15, 1996
Patuxent River State Park
Bob Solem