Prince Baskettail

Place name abbreviations: MPEA - Middle Patuxent Environment Area; PRSP - Patuxent River State Park; PVSP - Patapsco River Valley State Park; WMA - Wildlife Management Area.

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Species common name
Scientific name
Length (in inches; M and F if different) Flight season
Relative abundance

Prince Baskettail
Epicordulia [Epitheca] princeps
2.3-3.1" E-Jun — L-Aug
Habitat: Slow-moving rivers, streams, lakes, occasionally ponds; clear or muddy water. Seldom seen perching, but when it does it hangs under a twig, often w/ the wings somewhat raised. May form feeding swarms in the evening. Few wing beats followed by a short sail on slightly raised wings. Dawn to dusk.
Prince Baskettail

June 5, 2014
Wilde Lake
Bonnie Ott

Prince Baskettail

June 16, 1997
Patuxent River State Park
Bob Solem

Prince Baskettail (exuviae)

June 19, 2001
Patuxent River State Park
Jo Solem

Prince Baskettail (exuviae)

June 26, 2011
Hugg-Thomas WMA
Richard Orr