Carolina Saddlebags

Place name abbreviations: MPEA - Middle Patuxent Environment Area; PRSP - Patuxent River State Park; PVSP - Patapsco River Valley State Park; WMA - Wildlife Management Area.

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Species common name
Scientific name
Length (in inches; M and F if different) Flight season
Relative abundance

Carolina Saddlebags
Tramea carolina
1.9-2.1" E-Apr – M-Oct
Habitat: Shallow grassy ponds w/ thick emergent/underwater vegetation; gravel pits.
Carolina Saddlebags (M)

June 9, 2012
U of MD Central Farm
Bonnie Ott

Carolina Saddlebags (M)

May 12, 2012
Rockburn Branch Park
Bonnie Ott

Carolina Saddlebags (M)

Howard County
June Tveekrem

Carolina Saddlebags (M and F in tandem)

Male and Female (in tandem)
July 28, 2012
Meadowbrook Park
Phil Perkins