Howard County Bird Club works to save habitat

For over 40 years your individual contributions
and profits from our annual seed sale
have made it possible!

MDDCBBA book River of Raptors Cloudforest

Over $85,000
to preserve habitat
and promote conservation!

That's right! The Howard County Bird Club has contributed over $85,000 to help preserve habitat and promote conservation—and your contributions and seed purchases have made it possible. Individual contributions and profits from the seed sale have gone to local, state, national, and international organizations to promote the knowledge, development, protection, and conservation of bird life and other naturally occurring species and their habitats.

How can I help?

Here are the organizations and projects we have helped:

  • All Creatures Great and Small (animal rehabilitators)
  • American Bird Conservancy
    • Cerulean Warbler Project
    • Gulf of Mexico Island Restoration
    • River of Raptors (Vera Cruz)
    • Thick-billed Parrot
    • El Refuguz Panana
  • Assateague Coastal Trust
  • Belt Woods Natural Environmental Area
  • Bulletin board, Centennial Park
  • Baltimore Checkerspot Project, Montgomery County
  • Bladen Mountains Natural Preserve, Belize
  • Cape May Bird Observatory
  • Cerra San Gil Ecological Reserve, Guatemala
  • Citizens against Waste
  • Delmarva Ornitholigical Society, Red Knot stopovers
  • Frostburg University, Old Growth Forest Project
  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • Howard County Conservancy (Mount Pleasant)
    • Butterfly Garden
    • Bird Feeder Station
    • Bird OUrdoor Classroom
    • Sky Watch Station
  • Howard County Dept. of Recreation & Parks
    • Elkhorn Garden Plots, "Pollinator Displays"
    • "Pollinator Plots" & maintenance
    • Specimen display cabinet
  • Maryland Breeding Bird Atlas Project
  • Maryland Ornithological Society
    • Ecuador Rainforest
    • Irish Grove Sanctuary
  • Maryland Parks Foundation
  • Middle Patuxent Environmental Area
    • John Clegg Meadow
    • Purple Martin gourds
    • Streamside buffering
    • American Woodcock stream seep
  • Maryland/DC Nature Conservancy
    • Nassawango Creek Preserve
  • Foundation ProAves (Cerulean Warbler)
  • International Nature Conservancy
    • Costa Rica Project
  • Peregine Fund
  • Columbia Pro Aves
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
  • Red-cockaded Woodpecker Project
    (Moore County NC)
  • Sierra de Bahoruco National Park
    (Dominican Republic)
  • Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
  • The Nature Conservancy
    • Appalachian Project
  • Support for Dickcissel breeding in Howard County

How can I find out about the next opportunity to contribute to habitat preservation and the seed sale for 2017?

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