Programs and Field Trips


At Robinson Nature Center,
6692 Cedar Lane
(west side of Columbia).

Hospitality session at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting/program begins at 7:30 p.m.

No entrance fee for bird club programs.

RobinsonNatureCenter (61K)


December 14, 2017. Monarch Butterflies: Their Amazing Life History and Current Conservation Status, by Pam Spencer of the Baltimore County Master Gardeners.
Pam is an emergency room nurse who finds time to work with butterflies in their several life stages and promote their conservation through educational programs. Pre-meeting slide show of some of the 2017 butterflies (7:00-7:30) and a preliminary report of the 2017 Howard County Butterfly Survey results (7:30-7:50) by Linda Hunt.


Questions? Questions? Email Field Trip Chair.

Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
binoculars Reservations required!

cardinal Great for beginning birders
Questions?Directions? Go to Howard Birding Spots

ButterflyButterfly field trips. Email Linda.

dollar_charge Charge for trip! Details are under trip .

Registration is not required unless shown for specific trips. These trips are an ideal way for both the beginner and the more experiences observer to learn and to share knowledge in a informal atmosphere. Families are encouraged to participate; children with an adult are welcome. Binoculars and a field guide are recommended but are not necessary. Carpoliing is encouraged. No pets!

Birds expected in Howard County in December

January 1, 2018, Monday. Start at 8:00 (half day). Start Your Year List
Meet at Mount Pleasant.
Easy walking on paved paths and woodland trails. Plan to carpool to different locations to find as many species as possible. The one day of the year where every bird is new! Facilities available. Leader: Kurt Schwarz

Wheelchair accessible binoculars dollar_charge January 13, Saturday, All Day Trip Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Reservations required.
Plan to stop at the Choptank River Bridge for ducks and coffee. Bring lunch and drinks. Dress warmly. Entrance fee or Duck Stamp required. We will carpool. Facilities at some spots.. Email the leader to reserve a spot and get details: Kurt Schwarz

binoculars January 20, Saturday half day. Alpha Ridge Landfill
Contact Joe Hanfman for reservations.
Carpooling is required. Limited to a maximum of five cars. Moderate walking over hills and fields of the landfill. We will search for Short-eared Owls with no guarantee of finding one. Other possibilities are Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Horned Lark, American Pipit, and Eastern Meadowlark. If we finish early, we may go to Mount Pleasant and look for wintering sparrows. Facilities at Alpha Ridge Park.

binoculars January 27, Saturday all day. Midwinter Count
Watch for more details

binoculars dollar_charge February 2–4, Friday–Sunday MOS Conference at Ocean City
Download application blank.

Also MOS Chapter Meetings & Field Trips.

Trip Report Results: Field trip leaders send the trip report to the web, and we post the results. If you were on the trip you can see what you saw. If you missed the trip, you can see what you missed.

As a trip leader, you can use your eBird report as a basis for your report to the webmaster.

  • To do this, open the report to be used.
  • Click on View or Edit
  • When that opens, click on Email Yourself
  • Forward that email you send yourself to the webmaster and add the information in the column to the right:
  • Names of all trip leaders (if more than one)
  • Date of trip (if not the same as on eBird report)
  • Location of trip (as advertised by Bird Club)
  • Details (if different than ones shown in eBird report)
  • Number (and names) of participants)
  • Additional comments (if desired)

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