Programs and Field Trips


At Robinson Nature Center,
6692 Cedar Lane
(west side of Columbia).

Hospitality session at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting/program begins at 7:30 p.m.

No entrance fee for bird club programs.

RobinsonNatureCenter (61K)

April 13, 2017. Madagascar, by Gail Mackiernan.
The world's fourth largest island, a "naturalist's dream," has unique fauna and flora that evolved during millions of years of isolation. Gail will talk about her 2015 trip which explored this ancient land and recorded many of the island's most sought-after species. This club member started bird watching in high school, took a "break" during grad school, then revived her interest after a career working toward improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay. She and her husband Barry Cooper have traveled to all seven continents in search of birds.


Questions? Questions? Email Field Trip Chair.

binocularsReservations required!

cardinalGreat for beginning birders
Questions?Directions? Go to Howard Birding Spots

ButterflyButterfly field trips. Email Linda.

dollar_charge Charge for trip! Details are under trip .

Registration is not required unless shown for specific trips. These trips are an ideal way for both the beginner and the more experiences observer to learn and to share knowledge in a informal atmosphere. Families are encouraged to participate; children with an adult are welcome. Binoculars and a field guide are recommended but are not necessary. Carpoliing is encouraged. No pets!

Birds expected in Howard County in APRIL.

cardinal April 22, Saturday,8.00 am (2-3 hours)

Meet in the parking area.
Easy walking through the fields of Mt. Pleasant Farm. Tree lines, hedgerows and streams provide opportunity for non-meadow species. Great opportunity for flyovers. Facilities available. Leader - Anthony VanSchoor

cardinal April 22, Saturday, 10:00 am–4:00 pm. Greenfest
Park at Howard Community College.
Visit the Howard County Bird Club display, learn about butterflies from Linda Hunt, and watch the movie The Messenger. Details. Facilities available.

binoculars May 13, Saturday,8.00 am (all day)

Watch for details.

Also MOS Chapter Meetings & Field Trips.

Trip Report Results: Field trip leaders send the trip report to the web, and we post the results. If you were on the trip you can see what you saw. If you missed the trip, you can see what you missed.

As a trip leader, you can use your eBird report as a basis for your report to the webmaster.

  • To do this, open the report to be used.
  • Click on View or Edit
  • When that opens, click on Email Yourself
  • Forward that email you send yourself to the webmaster and add the information in the column to the right:
  • Names of all trip leaders (if more than one)
  • Date of trip (if not the same as on eBird report)
  • Location of trip (as advertised by Bird Club)
  • Details (if different than ones shown in eBird report)
  • Number (and names) of participants)
  • Additional comments (if desired)

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