Howard County Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (HARA)

Continuation of the 2010-2014 Maryland Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (MARA) in Howard County

with AQUA used to show additions starting in 2015.

These are the species MISSING in only a few blocks. Click on the picture to find out where they are needed.

Northern Watersnake
N. Watersnake
J. Solem
N. Ring-necked Snake
N. Ring-necked Snake
B. Ott
Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamander
W. Earp
36NDSA (28K)
N. Dusky Salamander
R. Orr
N. Red Salamander
N. Red Salamander
B. Ott

Photo Gallery
of Howard County Herps
(Amphibians and Reptiles)


Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks

Natural and History Resources Division

The purpose of this atlas is to continue the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas (MARA) in Howard County so that the baseline in Howard County is as current as possible.

Howard County Coordinator: Sue Muller (

All additional records added for Howard County MUST be supported by verifiable evidence (photographs, recordings, etc.)