Block to GPS Instructions

GPStoBlockCentennialS (39K)

How many times have you gone out and located an amphibian or reptile, made a report or verification, and then realized that you did not know which block you were in?

Those of you with GPS equipment now can send in your information and know that it can be used because we can determine which block you were in based on the GPS coordinates, using the handy little spreadsheet shown to the right.

So send in your information with GPS coordinates, and we use the spreadsheet shown to the right to determine the block. (In the display shown, the coordinates are for the south entrance to Centennial Park.)

GPS coordinates are particularly useful for those areas that cover more than one block (e.g. David Force, Gwynn Acres, MPEA, Mount Pleasant, Patuxent Branch Trail, Savage Park, Schooley Mill Park, etc.)

(You must have Microsoft Excel or a comparable program.)

Any of the blocks can be expressed as a decimal (i.e., if degrees are expressed as a decimal, be sure minutes and seconds are zero; if minutes are expressed as a decimal, be sure that seconds are zero).