Howard County, Maryland, Fungi
A Photographic Key

This is a photographic key to putative fungi and slime molds of Howard County, Maryland. The 11 generalized categories shown in the photos below illustrate the astonishing diversity in form and color of local fungi. This key is intended to help reach a family or genus similar to the specimen in question. It is often very hard to make an exact match as many fruiting bodies require careful examination and habitat veritication. (Examination of the spores or spore prints are beyond the scope of this key.) Most have only been identified using macro characteristics, so at best they are only an indication of the species possible. Those confirmed by microspic examination of spores are noted.

Choose one of the categories below that most closely matches the unknown fruiting body. Click on the name to bring up photos of species or groups of species within that category. (There may be opportunities to click on choices within that category.) More information is available in a large PDF file.

Scientific names are from Mycobank and Index fungorum. In many cases, the name is more recent that what is in the popular guides.

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