Parchments & Crusts

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(Some parchments look toothed but are included here.)

Camarops petersii (Berkeley & M.A. Curtis) Nannfeldt
Camarops petersiiCamarops petersii

J. Solem, R. Orr

Young on left, old on right.

Hypoxylon ssp
Hypoxylon species

R. Solem

Many are dark or black.

Irpex lacteus (Fries) Fries
Irpex lacteus

J. Solem

Milk-white Toothed Polypore

Phlebia tremellosa
(Schrader) Nakasone & Burdsall
Phlebia tremellosa

R. Orr

Jelly Rot Fungus
Gelatinous Woodcrust

Stereum ostrea (Blume & T. Nees) Fries
Stereum ostrea

R. Orr

False Turkey-tail
(No pores.)

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