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Flora and Fauna of Howard County, Maryland

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Amphibians & Reptiles

Howard County Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (HARA). Maps, charts, and lists.

Howard County Amphibian and Reptiles Photo Gallery. MARA project photographs.

Reptiles & Amphibians of Maryland. PDF file published by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.


Howard County Butterflies – Photo Gallery. All photographs from Howard County.

The Butterflies of Howard County, Maryland: A Biological Summary and Checklist.
PDF file; compiled by Richard Smith.

Backyard Butterflies. PDF color brochure designed by Linda Hunt.


Howard County Odonates – Photo Gallery. All photographs from Howard County.

Howard County Dragonflies & Damselflies. List and phenograms.

Odonates of Maryland/D.C. Accepted records for each Maryland county and D.C.; maintained by Richard Orr.

Checklists for Maryland/D.C. Odonates. Links to checklists for each Maryland county and D.C.

Field Guide to Migratory Dragonflies PDF file. Distributed by the Xerxes Society; produced by the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership.

Other Insects

Bees of Howard County. PDF file compiled by Richard Orr thru 2015.

Bees of Maryland. New PDF reference guide compiled by Sam Droge.

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Fungi, Lichens, Mosses & Liverworts

Fungi, Mushrooms, & Toadstools — a pictorial key

Lichens of Howard County, MD. PDF file; compiled by Richard Orr.

Mosses & Liverworts of Howard County. PDF file; compiled by Richard Orr.

(Toad on a toadstool...)