Howard County Bird Club

A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS)

Howard County Butterfly News

by Linda Hunt

2017 Howard County Butterfly Survey

We still welcome more participants for the 2017 Howard County Butterfly Survey that "officially" starts in April (even though we've been counting the late February and March sightings). Everyone can participate by using the on-line "Incidental" survey form

Here are 3 ways to participate:

  1. Send in periodic observations when you are out bird watching, walking your dog, visiting a park, or just working in your yard or garden. Then enter how many you saw of each species on the on-line form. If you don't know the species, try to get a photo (cell phone, camera or whatever device you have is OK) and send it to me for identification.
  2. We are still looking for more people who would be willing to count butterflies at a single specific park twice a month through September. If you walk through a local park regularly anyway, you could count the butterflies. This would be 12 counts total for the season. If it rains a lot, or you go on vacation and aren't around, it's OK. I survey a number of areas and often only get to some of then once a month. Anything you do is helpful. Email me if you are interested in surveying a park.
  3. You could also count any butterflies that visit your yard. You do not need to have a "butterfly" garden. If you plant flowers around the yard you will probably have some butterflies passing through. Last year one of my non butterfly friends documented with her cell phone the last Cloudless Sulphur of the season zipping nectar on Encore azaleas in her yard. She did not know what the butterfly was but sent in the picture. Email me if you are interested in surveying your yard.