Southwestern Ponds

  • The four ponds listed below are private with no public access. Their value is usually highest for migrant waterfowl, other waterbirds, and, in the case of Fulton Pond, shorebirds, although a limited variety of other species may be present. Viewing at any of these ponds can be easy to difficult depending on traffic, vegetation, or other factors. Most of these ponds are ice-covered for varying periods, the Quarry Pond being the one exception. All four ponds can be visited within a several hour period; however, most birders usually check one or more on the way to other destinations.

  • Click on individual pond descriptions in the list on the right for best viewing angles and special bird species.

  • Although there are other ponds within southwestern Howard County, they have proven of so little consistent value or have become so blocked from view by plantings that they are not described.

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Compiler: Joanne Solem

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