Annapolis Rock Road

Patuxent River State Park

Annapolis Rock Road, Woodbine Maryland 21797
  • Size: A portion of the linear 6,700 acre Patuxent River State Park.
  • Habitat: Extensive pine plantings and deciduous woods, scrub and second-growth, upland and floodplain, cultivated fields, streams, a pond, a beaver-created wetland, and bird feeders in winter at the headquarters building on Annapolis Rock Road.
  • Best Months: Late April–May, September–October; December–March. All months can be of interest.
  • Coverage Time: From under an hour to much of a day.
  • Trails/Paths: A network of well-established horse trails throughout the area; some cross tributaries such as Cabin Branch. Crossing narrow tributaries generally does not require waterproof footgear; however, crossing Cabin Branch does. During rainy periods some trails can be extremely muddy. Trails along the Patuxent River are described in the Hipsley Mill section.
  • Notable Birds: Wild Turkey, American Woodcock, Barn Owl, Long-eared Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Eastern Whip-poor-will, Red-headed Woodpecker, Common Raven, Winter Wren, Gray-cheeked Thrush, nesting warblers, White-winged Crossbill.
  • Amenities: A small sign on the north side of Annapolis Rock Road indicates parking for horse trailers and other vehicles on the south side of the road. Enter through a metal gate and follow a deeply rutted lane to the grassy (sometimes muddy) parking lot (P1 on the map). Upland trails originate here. Roadside parking along Annapolis Rock Road and Hipsley Mill Road (P2 - P5) provides closer access to floodplain trails. No facilities. Trails are unmarked. Cell phone coverage can be spotty.
  • Handicapped Access: Limited. The large horse trailer parking lot and roadside pullouts offer a chance to see and hear nearby species; some offer a good view of the sky. Most trails are uneven, some rutted.
  • Operation and Hours: State parkland; dawn to dusk. Use by horse riders is heaviest on weekends, holidays, and summer evenings. Dog trainers with barking dogs can be a bigger problem than horses. Call 301-924-2127 for park information or 1-800-828-PARK (7275) to report problems.
  • Special Attractions: Extensive pine plantings regularly produce breeding and wintering owls; American Woodcock display in late winter and early spring; and a variety of warblers (including Cerulean) nest in the floodplain forest. This was the county's last stronghold of nesting Eastern Whip-poor-wills. Migrants may still be detected occasionally.
  • Hunting: Although there is hunting in most of the park, it is not allowed in this section. See map for boundaries.
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